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Montana Helicopter Company

Wildlife Survey and Capture

Yarak Aviation specializes in wildlife capture and survey flights.  We've been involved in many conservation and research projects, as well as, routine population trend surveys.  We've worked with a wide variety of entities in the NW States involving many different species of wildlife projects.  

wildlife capture survey

Real Estate, Land Survey and Mapping

Whether you're looking to buy a personal property, or a government/private entity, interested in mapping, reconnaissance, and surveying needs, we're here to help.

remote land survey real estate mapping

Remote Construction

 Yarak Aviation can assist you with any of your remote construction projects.  With our external load 133 FAA certification we can sling in materials needed for your project.  We've assisted with remote cabin locations as well as mountainous terrain weather stations.  

Search and Rescue


Yarak Aviation has assisted in local search and rescue missions.  We work with local SAR teams to help provide a more effective, efficient means of bringing people home safely and provide an important service to our local communities.  

Ag Services


Yarak Aviation does a wide variety of agricultural services, including: Rangeland/Crop/Forest Spraying, Frost Control, Cherry Drying, and Animal Herding.

crop dusting, helicopter agriculture

Other Services

Including contract pilot fire suppression, predator control, aerial filming and  photography, flight instruction (biannual flight reviews). 

firefighting fly helicopter fire control
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